Vangal use meta heuristics and machine learning, automating over 157 known cost optimization techniques to lower cost of cloud storage, compute and services. These include:

  • Storage Class Selection
  • Compute Cost Management
  • Auto Scaling Automation
  • Region and Availability Zone Optimization ​

Auto Scaling

We are over 20 ex AWS and Microsoft Azure developers, product managers and solution architects with 250+ years of combined experience on the cloud. Since 2015, Vangal has saved over 450K organizations more than $3.2 Billion on cloud costs.

Vangal is a cloud hosted, analytics and optimization software solution with consulting support in all AWS, Azure and Google Cloud regions and availability zones. Learn more about us and our team.

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1.33 Million developers use Vangal for cloud optimization

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Vangal manages over $23 Billion Cloud Spend

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Rightsizing reports analyze performance monitoring data for individual virtual machines and then recommend changes to resource allocation. Such a report might, for instance, identify a poorly performing virtual machine and recommend that additional resources be allocated. More often, however, rightsizing reports find that virtual machines have been provisioned with more resources than they need. Reclaiming these resources may make it possible to achieve a higher overall virtual machine density, thereby reducing costs.​

In addition to running rightsizing reports, a cloud management platform can also gather performance metrics to determine the average and peak resource consumption of an instance over a configurable period. If these remain below a threshold, the CMP will recommend a change to a smaller, more appropriate instance type.

With configurable rightsizing rules, you can enforce more aggressive rightsizing thresholds for less critical workloads, leading to even more savings. For example, you might configure a threshold for downsizing a less critical workload when CPU usage is less than 50%, but downsize a critical workload only when CPU usage is less than 25%.

​It’s important to manage capacity and sprawl in an integrated fashion, such that both IT and the end consumers of IT services have visibility of their workload capacity needs. Providing rightsizing recommendations ensures that the infrastructure is optimized for the real needs of the business. Moreover, giving stakeholders rightsizing visibility empowers the end IT consumers to make knowledge-based decisions in real time.

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With Vangal you can right size your services to meet exactly the capacity requirements you need without having to over-provision or compromise capacity. With Vangal, you can adapt your services to address actual business needs at any time, with no penalties or incidental fees.

With Vangal you can choose services that meet your existing business needs, and as your demands change, you can easily shift to the services option that meets your new requirements. With Vangal you can also run multiple service options concurrently, helping you reduce costs and still maintain optimal performance.​

Find and delete Elastic Block Storage volumes which are used but still attached to your EC2 instances 


1.33 Million developers use Vangal for cloud optimization

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Vangal manages over $23 Billion Cloud Spend

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