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We track over 50 publicly traded B2B enterprise software companies. For most of these companies we have extensive data from our own proprietary networks which we leverage to provide insights

1. From Amazon Web Service (AMZN) to Zendesk (ZEN) we track all B2B enterprise companies daily, monthly and quarterly

2. 7 sub categories of B2B enterprise software including: Cloud computing, Software as a Service, Databases, Data Warehousing, Compute, Networking, Storage and Infrastructure software

We produce research reports on over 20 B2B Enterprise technology industries including:

1. Data Warehousing (Terradata, AWS Redshift, Azure Data Warehouse, Firebolt, Snowflake and Google BigQuery

2. Cloud Computing (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ali Cloud, Digital Ocean and Salesforce (Heroku)

We offer phone consultation services to investors and buy side analysts with perspectives from CIOs and practitioners 

1. Monthly phone consultation on industry trends and topics

2. On demand consultation as an expert network of industry experts