Customer Success

Vangal has over 1.33 Million developers and over 69% of Fortune 1000 companies as customers. We manage over $23 Billion in Infrastructure cloud spend worldwide. Our customers span hundreds of industries and range from solo developers to teams of over 4,500 developers.

"Managing multiple accounts and instances with AWS meant we had no idea where to start reducing costs. We managed to find 15% efficiencies With Vangal in less than 3 days."

Gowri, CIO, New India Assurance

"Vangal helped us get 25% savings by managing reserved instances better. Our cloud spend forecasting has 92% accuracy now"

Angela, CFO, APS

"We needed a way to track cost by department. Many instances were being started but not utilized. Vangal helped us identify those"

Rick, Cloud Engineering Director, Logan Manufacturing