Customer Success

"Vangal helped us get 25% savings by managing reserved instances better. Our cloud spend forecasting has 92% accuracy now"

Angela, CFO, APS

"Managing multiple accounts and instances with AWS meant we had no idea where to start reducing costs. We managed to find 15% efficiencies With Vangal in less than 3 days."

Gowri, CIO, New India Assurance

Vangal has over 1.33 Million developers and over 69% of Fortune 1000 companies as customers. We manage over $23 Billion in Infrastructure cloud spend worldwide. Our customers span hundreds of industries and range from solo developers to teams of over 4,500 developers.


"We needed a way to track cost by department. Many instances were being started but not utilized. Vangal helped us identify those"

Rick, Cloud Engineering Director, Logan Manufacturing